Advice on relocationg to Spain

Do you need to move to Spain to live, work or study but you don’t know how to do it? From Relomar we offer you our consultancy services to solve all your doubts.

We work with a team of lawyers and advisors who are experts in legality, foreigners and international taxation that will help you to prepare your residence in Spain in an easy way.

Immigration advice for living in Spain

Do you need help to process your residence or stay in Spain? From Relomar we put at your disposal, our advisory services. Receive guidance from our immigration lawyers and experts in international mobility, on the legal and administrative procedures necessary to live in Spain.

  • Hire our services of legal and juridical advice for immigrants, and immigration consultancy.
  • Learn how you can obtain the necessary documentation to process your stay or residence, short or long term, in Spain.
  • Receive support from our team of experts: immigration lawyers, immigration attorneys and international mobility specialists.
  • Find out about the different procedures necessary to live in Spain. Procedures for applying for Spanish nationality, residency procedures for demonstration of funds, legal residency procedures for investment, etc., etc.
  • We offer immigration advice sessions in Spain for students, expatriates, individuals, government officials and companies.
  • Possibility to carry out the consultancy in different languages: Italian, German, French, Spanish, English…
  • Different types of consultancy and advisory services: online consultancy by video call and telephone consultancy.
  • Integral and personalized consultancy to make your income in Spain in a comfortable and simple way, starting from 65€

Advice for expatriates

Are you moving to Spain to continue working? In Relomar we help companies and workers to settle in Spain through our tax advisory services for expatriates.

Tax advice for companies

Our tax advisors will inform you about the current legislation and the best way to transfer your employees to Spain. The tax advice service for expatriates is very useful for international companies that open their headquarters in Spain or wish to transfer their workers to Spanish territory.

  • Tax advice for companies and expatriate workers by advisors and lawyers, experts in international taxation and legality.
  • Support with tax planning for companies, including a study of international and Spanish legislation.
  • Management of international mobility to facilitate the movement of expatriate workers to Spain.
  • Creation of expatriation programs with the necessary steps to carry out the international mobility of the company and its expatriate workers to Spain, complying with tax and legal obligations.

Tax advice for expatriate workers

If you are preparing to reside in Spain temporarily or even permanently, due to the activity of your company, you can benefit from our tax advice sessions for expatriate workers:

  • Tax advice for expatriates on change of domicile and tax residence, income and wealth declarations, according to their residency status in Spain (resident or non-resident).
  • Tax advice for the purchase and sale and rental of real estate.
  • Study of the taxation of the employee’s remuneration.
  • Advice on procedures and formalities related to the expatriate’s Social Security in Spain.
  • Obtaining and applying for work and residence visas for the expatriate worker and for all the members of his/her family.
  • Obtaining of NIF for non-residents.
  • International mobility planning and the possibility of providing support with the relocation of the expatriate and his/her belongings.

Other advisory services

It is very common that those who come to an immigration advice appointment to live in Spain, whether they are students, expatriates or workers, ask us questions related to the transfer of their car to Spain, the transport of their pets, the opening of headquarters or new businesses or how they can regularize their situation in Spanish territory. In order to narrow down the needs of our clients, we have created 4 modalities of advice that you can request at any time and without obligation. These are:

Advice for the transfer of vehicles
Advice on pet transportation
Legal and tax advice
Advice on immigration to Spain

International tax advice

Would you like to save on your taxes in Spain? Consult with our experts in international tax advice and find legal solutions that suit your situation.

  • Advice on changes of tax residence, opening bank accounts and tax planning.
  • We study your case and propose the best options to optimize your tax burden and obtain the greatest benefit.
  • We advise companies, expatriates, non-residents, foreigners, individuals, entrepreneurs, investors, digital nomads, personalities on social networks and Internet platforms… etc.
  • Online and telematic international tax advisory service to live in all the Spanish territory and in the main cities of Spain: Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.
  • Consult your doubts with our team of experts and international tax advisors.

Management for immigration procedures

We work with agencies in Spain specialized in immigration procedures. Our team of managers will advise you on the best way to regularize your situation in Spain. Receive support from immigration agents in all the Spanish territory and also in its main cities: Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona.

  • Get assistance telematically and online, without the need to travel and with a flexible schedule.
  • Prepare your documents and carry out the procedures to regularize your situation in Spain, with the help of expert managers in immigration and immigration.
  • Help with the management and obtaining of: NIE, visas, work permits, residence permits, community card, obtaining residency, obtaining Spanish nationality, renewal of residency etc.
  • Understand how the immigration regulations work and verify that you meet the requirements to regularize your situation in Spain, with the help of our immigration managers.
  • Receive advice for the completion of procedures of social, family, labor, obtaining residence, obtaining nationality, renewal of residence, work residence, student residence, long term residence, etc.

Immigration Lawyers

Relomar has connections with law firms integrated by experts in foreigners. You can make an appointment with them to send your questions about immigration procedures: processing of Spanish nationality, family reunification, granting of temporary residence for expatriates, procedures regarding social and family roots, processing of visas…

This is how the immigration lawyers we work with can help you:

  • Receive assistance and representation during administrative and legal processes in Spain.
  • Obtain advice on nationality and residence permit procedures.
  • Homologate your academic degree in Spain and practice your profession.

Immigration advisors

What to do if you are going to work abroad? How to obtain your residence permit in Spain if you are a non-EU foreigner? Ask our advisors and get the answers you need quickly and safely.

  • Plan your expatriation and immigration process.
  • Ask for advice on immigration procedures in Spain.
  • Get help with the management of all types of permits: Work permits, student permits, residence permits….
  • Learn about current expatriation, immigration and mobility policies.
  • Receive support with your and your family’s move to Spain.
  • Make an appointment with immigration lawyers and advisors

Immigration services in Spain

In addition to providing you with information on procedures and formalities to carry out your migration to Spain during our counseling sessions, you can also request our immigration services such as:

Residence in Spain

Do you know the different types of residence in Spain for foreigners? Book your free consultation appointment, discover the types of residence according to the duration of your stay and get help to get your residence permit in Spain.

  • Find the residence permit in Spain and the visa that best suits your case: Long-term residence or short-term residence.
  • Learn which procedures apply to apply for your residence card, depending on whether you are an EU citizen or a non-EU citizen.
  • Discover which are the residency procedures and requirements to obtain residency in Spain: Permanent residency, legal residency or temporary residency in Spain.
  • Understand how the investor visa works for foreigners buying a property in Spain.

Renewal of foreigners residency in Spain

Do you want to know how to renew your residency in Spain? Our team of advisors and experts, tell you how to do it depending on your current residency status. These are some of the main points during the advisory sessions for the renewal of foreigners’ residency:

  • Renewal of the residence card: general requirements you must meet, renewal of residence and work authorization as an employee or self-employed, renewal of work permit as a highly qualified worker, renewal of work permit for family reunification, renewal for non-profit residence, renewal for long-term residence… etc.
  • Renewal of the community card according to your family and marital situation.
  • Support to start the renewal of your NIE or residence permit in Spain.

Frequently asked questions about immigration and foreigners

In this section we collect the most frequently asked questions during the counseling sessions with expatriates, foreigners and companies moving to Spain. Do you have any of these questions? Don’t worry, our team of expert advisors and lawyers will be happy to help you.

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