Advising on international vehicle transport

Do you want to take your car to another country but don’t know how to do it? Receive advice for the international transport of your vehicle from experts in the sector. Our consultants will tell you everything you need to know to take your vehicle to Spain or any other international destination.

Consulting for international vehicle transportation

Do you want to get information about the best way to take your car to another country? At Relomar we have designed consulting sessions specialized in international vehicle transportation.

  • Learn about the steps you need to take in your country of origin to start the transfer process.
  • You will obtain information about the fees and documentation necessary to deregister your car or motorcycle.
  • We will recommend the safest and most reliable means of transport, depending on the itinerary, to carry out the international transport of your vehicle.
  • You will receive information about the necessary steps to register your vehicle.

Price of international vehicle transport consultancy

How much does a vehicle transport consultancy cost? Depending on the duration of the consultancy, your consultancy session can cost from 60€ to 125€. You can consult this price with our team of specialists, free of charge, before contracting your consultancy.

If you have already contracted our international vehicle transport services, you do not need to pay for the consultancy. Our team of experts will advise you free of charge and will keep you informed at all times about the whole process of moving your car or motorcycle.

At Relomar, we recommend the hiring of transportation to avoid complications, since the management of the transfer can be very costly for individuals or clients who are not familiar with the international vehicle transportation industry.

How can you request your counseling appointment?

Request your consulting appointment by sending an email to with the time and day of your choice. Our specialists in international vehicle transportation will get back to you as soon as possible, to inform you free of charge about the price and availability for your consultancy.

What does an international vehicle transport consultancy consist of?

International vehicle transport consultancies are oriented to those customers who want to take care of their own car transportation without the intervention of third parties.

These consultations last from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the client’s needs, and are online sessions via video call. In this way, our customers can save travel time and contact our team, wherever they are.

During the session, we advise the client on the best way to transport their vehicle to another country. To do this, we perform:

  • Preliminary case study. We ask the customer for information about the model, make and year of their vehicle to check if the transfer is possible. We also review the export and import regulations of the countries that allow the transfer and inform customers about the restrictions.
  • Mode of transport. If we determine that the vehicle or car is suitable to be moved, we recommend the best mode of transport (road or air transport), depending on the distance and economic requirements of the client.
  • Information on procedures: What steps do you need to take to move your vehicle to another country? We inform you about the formalities you will have to complete, depending on whether the transport will be between EU countries or third countries.
  • Mandatory documentation. We explain what documentation you need, where to get it and when to do the paperwork.
  • Information about insurance and registration. Our team of specialists in vehicle transport, advises you on how to contract insurance for your car and explains the steps to register it in the country of destination.
  • Resolving questions and advice. We clarify your doubts and give you some tips to prepare your vehicle to be moved (cleaning, disconnection of batteries… etc.).

Types of vehicle transportation consulting

You can receive advice on all of these topics at your consulting session:

  • Consulting for the international transfer of vehicles
  • Advice on importing vehicles to Spain
  • Advice on transporting vehicles to Europe
  • Advice on the registration and registration of vehicles in Spain
  • Advising on the transfer of classic cars, foreign cars and luxury cars

Advice on the registration of foreign cars in Spain

Are you interested in learning how to register your foreign car in Spain? We will explain you how to do it in your consultancy appointment.

  • Documentation to register a foreign car in Spain. We detail all the documentation you need, depending on the country of origin and your vehicle (car invoice, tax liquidation, registration form…).
  • Pass the ITV of the car. To register a foreign car in Spain, it is necessary to pass the ITV. We advise you on how to do it according to the origin of your vehicle.
  • Payment of taxes and models. There are procedures that are unavoidable for registration, such as the payment of taxes and special fees. We tell you what they are and how you can pay them correctly.
  • Obtaining registration. Our experts will show you the steps to obtain your new license plate in Spain.
  • Transactions with the Tax Agency. Another important step for the registration of your car is the settlement of the Registration Tax of the Tax Agency. Our team will advise you so that you can do it on your own and without complications.

International Vehicle Transportation Services

We know that managing the transport of a vehicle to another country is a stressful process full of procedures that can seem endless. At Relomar we recommend our clients to delegate this task in the hands of specialists in international transport and logistics. For this reason, in addition to advice, we also offer international vehicle transport and registration services in Spain:

Frequently asked questions during counseling sessions

These are the most frequently asked questions during international car shipping consulting sessions. At Relomar, we take care of answering these and other questions about international car shipping

How much does it cost to ship a car? How long can my car be abroad? How much does it cost to import a car in Spain? How much does it cost to take a car from one country to another? How much does it cost to take a car by plane? How much does it cost to take a car by ship? How much does it cost to take a car from my country to Europe or Spain?

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