Advice on immigration to Spain

Are you an expatriate worker? Are you moving to Spain to live? We work with expert immigration lawyers and advisors who will solve all your doubts and advise you on all the necessary steps to settle in Spain.

Legal advice for immigrants in Spain

Do you need help to reside legally in Spain? We have a multidisciplinary team of experts, lawyers and advisors specialized in foreigners, who will solve all your doubts. Book your free legal advice appointment and get help to complete the necessary procedures to live in Spain.

  • Advice for immigration in Spain throughout the Spanish territory and in the main cities of Spain: Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona.
  • Telematic and online assistance, without the need to travel and with a flexible schedule.
  • Get the Spanish nationality. We advise you on the processes and the necessary documentation to obtain the nationality in Spain.
  • Types of visas to immigrate to Spain: Know the types of visas that exist to work, reside and emigrate to Spain. Find out which one is best suited to your situation: investor visa, student visa, work visa…
  • Residence permits and work permits in Spain for immigrants. Get advice on how to legally reside in Spain and obtain your temporary or long term residence permit.
  • Obtaining the NIE number: We explain how to apply for your NIE and what is the necessary documentation to obtain it.
  • Application for family reunification. Our advisors will inform you about the requirements to obtain this residence permit for family reunification.
  • Social, labor and family roots. Get advice on the types of arraigo and how you can obtain your residence permit in Spain.
  • Information about the community card: What documentation you need to obtain it, how you can apply for it and the advantages of having it in Spain.
  • Support with the renewal of residence. We advise you on the documents, requirements and steps to follow to renew your residence card in Spain.

Immigration Lawyers in Spain

In Relomar we work with immigration lawyers throughout the Spanish territory and in the main cities of Spain: Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona. During your appointment you will be able to consult with our immigration lawyers about procedures such as:

  • Obtaining Spanish Nationality
  • How you can get your residence permit in Spain
  • Obtaining temporary NIE and NIE for European citizens.
  • Obtaining residence passports in Spain
  • Application and type of visas: Investor visas, student visas, work visas…
  • Work permits for expatriates settling in Spain.
  • Representation in other judicial and administrative proceedings

Foreign advisors in Spain

In order to help expatriate workers who are preparing to live in Spain, we have included in our team immigration advisors who are experts in internationality and taxation.

  • Request your immigration advice with our advisors throughout Spain and other cities such as Alicante, Barcelona, Tenerife, Valencia, Malaga, Madrid…
  • Save time on travel and go to your counseling session online and telematically.
  • In our consulting services for immigrants and expatriates, you can get help with the planning of your international mobility.
  • Get the most optimal tax planning for your residence situation in Spain, before and during your stay in the country.
  • Consult with our advisors and reduce your tax payments.
  • Once your residence in Spain is finished, our advisors will help you to prepare the return procedure.

Management of immigration procedures

Our managers help you to carry out the procedures of foreigners in Spain in a telematic and totally online way. Without wasting time in travel and in the management of these procedures. We work with expert managers and agencies throughout Spain: Madrid, Pamplona, Valencia, Seville… Receive help from our managers for:

  • Management of authorization of stays and residences.
  • Help with immigration procedures for obtaining and resolving temporary residences and work residences.
  • Support with the procedures for the modification of residence in Spain, community regime or stay situation.
  • Support with other immigration procedures in Spain such as: Residence certificates, previous reports for the stay in Spain, obtaining the foreigner identity card (TIE), mobility of expatriates and workers…etc.

Immigration service in Spain

Are you planning to travel to Spain for temporary or permanent residence? Are you an expatriate worker? At Relomar, we help you to settle quickly and comfortably in the country through our immigration services and specialized relocation services:

  • Immigration services: We carry out a preliminary study of your situation and help you prepare everything you need for your move to Spain (documentation, registrations, permits, etc.).
  • Immigration advice. We work with expert advisors, lawyers and managers in immigration and international taxation, with whom you can consult in online consulting sessions, everything you need to know to move to Spain alone, with your family or move your business.
  • Relocation services in Spain. Get the help you need to integrate easily in your new city of residence. We look for your housing, academic centers, organize guided tours… etc.
  • International vehicle transport: Do you want to bring your car to Spain? We take care of the transfer and registration of your vehicle, so that you can continue to circulate without problems.
  • International pet transport: Don’t leave your furry friends behind! We manage the transfer of your pet to your next residence in Spain.

Other advisory services in Spain

It is very common that those who come to an immigration counseling appointment to live in Spain, have more questions related to the transfer of their car to Spain, the transport of their pets, the opening of headquarters or new businesses or how they can regularize their situation in Spanish territory. In order to narrow down the needs of our clients, we have created advisory modalities that you can request at any time and without obligation. These are:

Advice for the transport of cars

Legal and juridical advice in Spain

Advice for the transport of pets

Advice for expatriates in Spain