Legal advice in Spain

Do you want to know how your company can comply with labor, commercial and tax regulations? Would you like to receive advice on legal procedures for the development of your economic activities in Spain? At Relomar, we work with legal advisors to help companies and entrepreneurs moving to Spain.

Legal advice in Spain

Are you moving your activities to Spain and have doubts about labor, commercial or tax regulations? In Relomar, we offer legal advice for the management of your company’s procedures, entrepreneurship and business.

  • Avoid mistakes in the development of your economic activities in Spain.
  • Solve any legal problem and speed up the necessary processes.
  • Get help to correctly manage the legal procedures according to the laws in Spain.
  • Receive legal advice for your company, enterprise or business.
  • Stay always informed about which are the steps to follow in legal matters for your company.

Legal advisory services

These are some of the services we offer in our legal advisory services to help you boost your business, avoid sanctions and ensure compliance with the laws in Spain.

  • Defense and representation in legal proceedings
  • Mediation services for labor negotiations
  • Social Security and tax formalities and notifications.
  • Support in negotiations and agreements with national and international partners.
  • Creation and development of companies in Spain. Trademark registration
  • Management of sanctions and claims
  • Drafting of the LOPD (Data Protection Law) for companies and freelancers in Spain.
  • Legal advice for any process, management or legal procedure related to your company.

Book your legal advice

Complete our form and choose the type of advice you need and the date for your session. The reservation is free and without obligation. Our experts will contact you to inform you about availability and price.

  • Select a date for your free legal advice appointment.
  • Legal advice for individuals and companies.
  • Legal advice all over Spain: Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Pamplona, Tenerife, etc.
  • Online legal advice by video call.
  • Receive help from expert lawyers, legal advisors and legal consultants

Legal and juridical advisors

We work with legal and juridical advisors, who will help you to understand and handle legal processes, solve legal problems and accompany you to make your business or projects grow correctly.

  • Receive advice on the laws set for your sector of activity, from our experts in legal and juridical advice.
  • Obtain intermediation for labor negotiations. Our legal advisors will mediate for you in contract negotiations, agreements…
  • Get support in legal proceedings concerning your business or company.
  • Create legal policies to ensure compliance with the rules in your company or business.

Labor consulting

We help you with the labor management of your company, enterprise or business in Spain through our expert advisors. We analyze your labor situation and offer you personalized solutions.

  • Advice for companies, self-employed, workers, entrepreneurs and individuals.
  • Advice on labor contracting and Social Security (payrolls, cancellations, hiring processes, legal requirements ….).
  • Advanced consulting for the creation of company strategies and conflict prevention.
  • Management for the mobility of companies and workers (opening of delegations, transfer of employees…).
  • Labor inspections and social security inspections.
  • Labor claims, compensation or damages arising from accidents at work.
  • Negotiation and mediation for labor agreements, collective bargaining agreements and conflict resolution.
  • Information, processing and application for benefits / subsidies.
  • Labor counseling throughout Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Pamplona, Tenerife, etc.

Tax consulting

We work with professional experts, tax advisors, accountants, fiscal managers and tax managers to help you comply with tax and accounting obligations. Our team of tax advisors will support you with the management and procedures derived from the activities of your company or society.

  • Advice on tax matters and information on tax obligations.
  • Assistance and representation before the tax agency, negotiations or tax inspection.
  • Support with the registration and deregistration of the company’s activities before the commercial registry.
  • Assistance and representation before the Tax Agency
  • Tax, financial and accounting advice oriented to investment funds.
  • Advising and management of assets and liabilities
  • Annual tax planning and tax planning
  • Accounting, tax and labor management

Other advisory services

Do you have doubts about how to transport your car, move your pet or how to regularize your situation in Spain? Receive specialized advice on any of these issues.

Advice for the transfer of vehicles

Advice on transporting pets

Advice on immigration to Spain

Advice for expatriates in Spain

Relocation services in Spain

Complete your move to Spain with our relocation services. We help you to adapt quickly and easily to your next destination, through our relocation programs, with services that you can choose a la carte:

  • Housing and residential area search in Spain
  • Mobility management: Support with immigration procedures, obtaining documents and moving home.
  • Find the best schools and educational centers for your children or family members.
  • Receive intercultural training for easy integration: Language classes, excursions, meetings with other expats, etc.
  • Transportation of vehicles, cars and motorcycles
  • Transport of pets, animals and companion animals