Immigration Services in Spain

When it comes to organizing an international mobility project, it is necessary to take into account several key aspects such as labor, legality and international taxation, as well as documentation, immigration, labor security, travel, relocation services, etc.

In Relomar we work exclusively with specialized professionals in internationalization that offer specific solutions for each project; both individuals and small businesses and large companies around the world.

To ensure the success of the project, the first step is to carry out a detailed analysis of the internationalisation regulations at the destination prior to the employee’s relocation to Spain: registrations, permits, product or service licences, etc.

On this first point, advice from internationalisation professionals (legal, economic, tax and labour) is therefore necessary.

Secondly, a strategy is required to guarantee the implementation and consolidation of the project, as well as the establishment of action procedures to be carried out throughout the project. At this point, it will be essential to create a team committed to the project, willing to change countries for a more or less long period of time and to do so in an effective manner and focused on achieving objectives.


Internationalisation Services

We work with prestigious companies dedicated exclusively to international mobility services:

Preliminary study

Study of the international regulations and those specific to the destination; documentation, permits, registrations, licensing requirements, management times, etc.

Design and planning for international mobility: project feasibility plan, strategic implementation and monitoring plan, etc.

Analysis of the status of life in the destination country, salary ratio, compensation costs for the employee, contractual conditions, etc.

International Legal Advice

Both for companies (creation, incorporation of companies, branches and other forms of association) and for individuals and employees.

Expatriation and Impatriation Management

Prior analysis and creation of a strategic plan to guarantee the success of the project, taking into account the fiscal, labour and migratory implications of the destination country and taking care of the expatriate and impatriate. We manage all types of immigration requirements: appropriate visas, visa management and legalisation of documents. Advising and filing of non-resident taxes, etc.


Our partners offer a personalised advisory service and monitor the entire process, from visa applications, legalisation and certification of documents, work and/or residence permits, to their issuance, adapting it for individuals, small businesses and large companies all over the world, always taking into account the specific characteristics of each case, both in the country of origin and destination.

Other services

  • Processing of Certificates: certificates of incorporation, employment and CV, criminal record reports, medical, divorce, birth and marriage certificates, etc.
  • Commercial contracts
  • International Public Procurement
  • Renewal of passports
  • Translations
  • Apostille of documents
  • Power of attorney