Frequently asked questions on residence in the EU and other countries

What is the EU Residency Certificate or Green NIE?

The EU Residency Certificate (Green NIE), or Tarjeta de Ciudadano de la UE, is a residency card specifically designed for EU citizens containing a unique identification number assigned to non-Spanish residents. It is a fundamental document that facilitates various aspects of your life in Spain, from opening a bank account to accessing healthcare services.

What is the TIE for EU Family Members?

The TIE, or Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero, is a residence card designed for non-EU family members of European Union citizens residing in Spain. This card serves as proof of legal residence and facilitates smoother integration into Spanish society. If you are a family member of an EU citizen planning to reside in Spain for more than three months, acquiring the TIE is a crucial step in ensuring your stay is compliant with Spanish immigration laws.

What is arraigo familiar?

Arraigo Familiar is a legal provision in Spain designed to grant residence permits to individuals who can demonstrate strong family ties to Spanish citizens. This pathway is particularly relevant for expats seeking to establish a long-term presence in the country based on their connections with Spanish nationals

What is the Digital Nomad Visa (DNV)?

The Digital Nomad Visa is a specialized visa designed for remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who wish to reside in Spain while working for companies or clients outside of the country. It offers a unique opportunity for individuals to obtain a one-year residency (with possibility of extension) combining work and leisure, enjoying the best of both worlds in one of Europe’s most enchanting countries.

What is the Highly Qualified Professionals Work Visa?

Spain’s Highly Qualified Professionals Work Visa, also known as the Highly Skilled Professional Visa, caters to individuals with specialized skills, qualifications, and experience, aiming to contribute significantly to the Spanish job market.

What is the Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa is a residency-by-investment program that allows non-EU citizens to obtain Spanish residency by making a qualifying investment in the country. This visa opens the door to not only living in Spain but also enjoying the benefits of European residency.