International Pet Relocation

In Relomar we take care of moving your pet to your next destination. We know that your pet is another member of the family, a very special member. Therefore, our international pet transport services will guarantee the comfort and well-being of your pet.

Stress free, without complications. We make sure that your pet travels accompanied and in the best conditions. We help you to gather the necessary documentation for the transport of your pet and we make sure that the necessary customs and veterinary procedures are fulfilled.

International pet transport

If you are thinking of changing residence or moving to another country and do not want to leave that special furry family member behind, in Relomar we can help you with the transport of your pet. Among our relocation services, Relomar has a specialized international pet transfer service. No matter where you are thinking of moving or if you have already made the change of housing or the move, we offer pet transport services to make sure your furry friend is always with you.

International pet transport is an essential service for all those animal lovers who are going to move to another country and do not want to leave their pet behind. Thanks to our services, it will no longer be necessary to leave your pet in charge of a relative or give it up for adoption.

The international pet transport service we provide is designed to cover the shipping of your pet during the whole process: From the collection of the animal at its home of origin, to the transport of the pet in the country of destination.

Steps to follow in the international transportation of pets

To ensure that the international shipping of your pet is carried out successfully and safely, in Relomar we accompany you during all phases of the process:

1) Animal identification: The first step in moving your pet is to identify what type of animal it is. The owner must complete a simple form in which he will indicate to which species his pet belongs: dog, cat, reptile, horse, bird, fish… or others.

2) Preparation of the budget: Based on the data that the pet owner indicates on the form, our commercial agents will make a budget for the price of the international transport of your pet, which will be given to the client for free and without obligation.

3) Documentation: We handle the necessary documents to be able to carry out the international transport of your pet. We offer information and advice on the required documentation, customs procedures, insurance contracting …

4) Other procedures: To avoid inconveniences during the international transfer of your pet, we make sure to check that the animal has the obligatory vaccines both in the country of origin and in the country of destination.

5) Pick up the pet: We pick up your pets at your place of residence. For this, we use approved and suitable material for collection, such as pet carriers adapted to the size and needs of the pet, be it a dog, a cat or other companion animal.

6) Transportation of pets: With the animal under our guardianship, we continue with the international shipment of pets by transporting them by air. The pet is transported by plane to its destination, where it will be received and by our relocation agents.

7) Shipping and reception of pets: Finally and after the shipment, we deliver the pet to its owner at its corresponding address, thus terminating the process and international pet transport service.

Pet Shipping

Shipping and transportation of pets are two fundamental parts of the international pet transfer service we offer. It is normal for the sending of a pet to be something that may disturb its owner, especially if the transfer is made internationally. Therefore, in Relomar we explain how pet shipping works.

How does air pet shipping work?

Our international pet transportation services specialize in air shipments. Pets travel in this way is safer and faster. The shipping of pets by plane can be done in two ways: In the cabin (accompanied) or in the hold (as cargo).

Not all airlines offer coverage for international pet shipping. Allowing animals on board will depend on the airline’s own regulations. However, in Relomar we always work with the airlines that allow the transport of animals and pets in their cabins and warehouses.

We use special pet carriers for those large dog breeds that need to be moved to another country. This is listed as a special carrier for wild animals but owners should not worry about the term. The pet will travel safely in the hold of the plane during its international transport.

Types of pet delivery by plane

When sending a pet by plane during an international transfer, the pet can be transported in the plane in two ways: In the cabin of the plane next to a companion and inside an approved carrier, or in the hold of the airplane, as part of the cargo but with the conditions that allow the pet to travel safely during transport.

Shipping in the cabin

  • It will be allowed to send pets by plane where the animal travels in the cabin as long as someone accompanies the animal during the flight. It is the cheapest way to transport your pet. But if you do not have this possibility or the airline does not allow the shipment of pets in the cabin, the pet will be transported in the hold.
  • Airlines that allow pet travel by plane inside their cabin will normally only accept those animals whose weight is around 8 kg including the weight of the pet carrier, except for the guide dogs which are always allowed. Those who exceed the allowed weight (including pet carrier) must travel in the hold.
  • The acceptance of the animal on board, as well as the acceptance of the transport measures, will always depend on the prior authorization of the airline itself.

Shipment in warehouse

  • If your pet travels in the plane’s hold due to its characteristics, it will be necessary to hire the services of a cargo agent. In Relomar we work with freight agents at each airport to guarantee your pet’s trip by plane.
  • The number of pet carriers that can be transported on the same flight as well as their dimensions, is limited by the type of aircraft and by the internal regulations of the airline itself. In general, two animals of different species (dogs with cats, for example) cannot travel on the same flight. The number of animals on board will be limited.
  • The pet carrier must be made of a resistant material, its base must be waterproof and must provide good ventilation so that the plane trip does not affect the health of the pet. Likewise, the appropriate size will be the one that allows the animal to stand and can turn around without problems.

Pet transport to Spain

In Relomar we bring your pet to Spain. If you are thinking of moving to the peninsula, the Canary Islands or the Balearic Islands, our international pet transport service will ensure that your pet arrives with you, wherever you are.

To request our pet transport services in Spain, you just have to fill in the form below with the delivery and collection addresses and the basic data of your pet.

Whether a dog, a cat, a bird, a ferret, even a reptile or a horse, we have the necessary means to take care of the transport of your pet.

We take into account the breed, dimensions, size, age, weight and other characteristics of your pet, so that the transport is always carried out following international transport regulations and of course, ensuring the welfare of your pet.

Pet transport to the main cities of Spain

We take your pet anywhere in Spain. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big city or a small town, we offer international pet transportation services throughout Spain, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. We transfer your pet to:

  • Madrid
  • Valencia
  • Seville
  • Balearics
  • Canary Islands

Price of transporting pets

One of the questions often asked by those interested in transporting their pets to another country, is how much it costs to transport your pet internationally. We must clarify that there is no fixed price, but that the cost will depend on several factors:

  • Transport channels: When it is an international transfer, the shipment of pets is done by air. The cost of sending pets by plane is usually a matter of debate, however, it is currently the safest way to ship a pet and the price is usually quite profitable if we prioritize the welfare of our pets.
  • Airlines: Another factor to consider when calculating the cost of transporting pets by plane, are the prices set by the airlines at that time. In Relomar we seek to find the airline that best suits the needs of our customers and those of their pets.
  • Pet size: The cost and price of sending small pets will be less than the cost of transporting a pet or a larger animal. In this case, the animal will go in the hold of the plane, the cost for the highest transport.
  • Cargo in the cabin or in the hold: The location of the animal on the plane will influence the total price of transport. The pet may travel in the cabin with a companion or in the hold as part of the cargo. The price of transporting an animal in the cabin will be less than the price of transporting a pet in the hold.
  • Destination and origin: Delivery and collection addresses will also oscillate the price and costs of international pet transportation. Depending on the distance to which the country of destination is from the country of origin, whether it belongs to the same continent or to the same economic union (European Union) will vary the price of transport of your pet.

Import and export of pets in Europe

To carry out the international transportation of your pet within the European Union, you will need to provide the following documentation:

  • European passport
  • Pet identification with microchip
  • Certificate of good health
  • Updated rabies vaccine (by country)
  • Deworming test 24/48 hours before the flight
  • Commercial invoice or declaration of value in the case of a shipment between individuals.
  • Authorization of dispatch
  • AWB copy

Rules for the transport of pets

  • Animals will be accompanied by their owners or legal representatives.
  • Pets will have a sanitary certificate.
  • The owners will accredit by means of a written personal declaration that they undertake not to sell the animals and to accept the measures that the veterinary services deem appropriate.
  • The agent may accompany a maximum number of five pets.
  • It will be considered commercial shipping if the pet flies alone or is a puppy less than 1 year old.

Information of interest to the pet owner

We work with agents endorsed by IATA (International Air Transport Association) and IPATA (International Air Transport Association of Pets) that guarantee compliance with LAR regulations (Regulation for the Transport of Live Animals)

Frequently asked questions in International Pet Transportation

If my pet travels in the hold, will it be cold?
The animals do not travel in the same hold where the bags are loaded. The wineries of the airplanes where the animals travel are specially conditioned. The regulations require that the trip be carried out at a temperature between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. The animals do not go cold, but you can put a blanket inside the carrier if you think so convenient.
If my pet travels in the hold, will it be cold?
The animals do not travel in the same hold where the bags are loaded. The wineries of the airplanes where the animals travel are specially conditioned. The regulations require that the trip be carried out at a temperature between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. The animals do not go cold, but you can put a blanket inside the carrier if you think so convenient.
If my pet travels in the hold, will it be cold?
The animals do not travel in the same hold where the bags are loaded. The wineries of the airplanes where the animals travel are specially conditioned. The regulations require that the trip be carried out at a temperature between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. The animals do not go cold, but you can put a blanket inside the carrier if you think so convenient.
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How much will it cost to send my pet by plane if I don't know his breed?
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