Pet transport in Europe

Do you need to move your pet between countries in Europe? We take your pet to your next place of residence in Europe or to the destination of your choice.

We provide escorted transport services, as well as road transport in exclusive services in Europe.

Pet transport to Europe by road

Our pet and animal transport service by road is designed to make exclusive door-to-door, cost-effective pet shipments across Europe. We want to ensure that our clients can still be close to their pets at their next residence or destination of their choice in Europe.

How do we organise our pet transport routes across Europe?

We organise regular transport routes across Europe every month, we carry several animals or pets in the same vehicle, thus dividing the transport costs and reducing the price of transporting each pet. The pet transport service to Europe on route includes:

  • We organise regular pet transport routes by road 1 to 2 times a month.
  • We arrange the pick-up and delivery of pets and/or animals in Europe.
  • We transport pets in conditioned vehicles. For each vehicle a maximum capacity of animals is set and each animal has its own assigned space inside the vehicle.
  • The pets travel safely inside an approved carrier that we provide ourselves.
  • The animals are fed during the journey and stops are made at safe points to walk those animals that require it (dogs).

Price of pet transport in Europe

The price of a pet transport in Europe, when done via land routes by road, is significantly cheaper than an exclusive or conventional pet transport. Below are some indicative prices for transporting pets from Spain to some European countries.

Country of Europe


Transport of pets to Germanyfrom 499 €
Transport of pets to Andorrafrom 317 €
Transport of pets to Austriafrom 554 €
Transport of pets to Belgiumfrom 435 €
Transport of pets to Denmarkfrom 782 €
Transport of pets to Francefrom 375 €
Transport of pets to Hungaryfrom 622 €
Transport of pets to Italyfrom 439 €
Transport of pets to Netherlandsfrom 489 €
Transport of pets to Portugalfrom 292 €

The price of our rates include

  • Approved carrier for the transport of the animal or pet, adapted to its size.
  • Collection and delivery at home (**The organiser of the route reserves the right to establish meeting points for the collection or delivery of pets**).)
  • Feeding and hydration of the animals during the route.
  • Civil Liability Insurance for the pet, in case of accident or mishandling.
  • Scheduled stops along the route organised by Europe.
  • Approved vehicle for the transport of pets, with air conditioning between 19ºC and 23ºC.
  • Cat litter boxes
  • Free, no-obligation quote
  • Personalised attention from our expert agents in the international transport of animals and pets.

Advantages of pet transport routes by road

The great advantage of pet road transport routes in Europe is the price. This type of combined transport allows you to split the transport costs and reduce the price of transporting each pet by up to half. Unlike exclusive pet transport, which is more expensive.

Another advantage of road pet transport routes is that road transport is much safer than air transport for brachycephalic animals.

All in all, a pet road transport route is a great option for those who want to move their pet across Europe safely and economically.

What animals can we transport on our routes through Europe?

These are the animals that we can transport on our regular transport routes in Europe:

  • Dogs and Cats
  • Rodents
  • Small mammals

At the moment we no longer transport horses, farm animals, reptiles, birds and aquatic animals.


International pet transport

Our regular pet transport routes across Europe are part of our international pet transport services. If you are thinking of moving and want to take your pet with you or simply need to send your pet to another country outside the European Union, these services are for you. Other pet transport services you may be interested in are:

Transporting pets to Spain

Do you need to transport animals from anywhere in the world to Spain? At Relomar we make it possible.

At Relomar, we offer a pet transport service to Spain specially designed to provide comfort and safety to your faithful companion. If you are planning a trip or move to Spain and do not want to separate from your pet, we take care of the journey together!

We understand how important the safety of your pet is, so we have experts in animal handling and compliance with international transport regulations. We make sure to meet all the requirements and documentation necessary for the entry of pets to Spain, so you can have the peace of mind that everything is in order. In addition, we offer a door-to-door service, which means that we take care of picking up your pet in its current location and deliver it directly to your new home in Spain. This avoids the additional stress of having to organize the transport of your pet on your own.

Countries in Europe where we transport pets

We can take animals, pets and pets anywhere in Europe. These are some of the countries that our pet land transport routes pass through:

France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal…

Would you like to know if we can take your pet or animal to your next destination in Europe? ¡Consult us without commitment!