International vehicle transport from Poland

Do you want to take your car, motorbike or vehicle from Poland to Spain or another country?

At Relomar, we are specialists in moving vehicles and importing vehicles to Spain. We will help you to take your car or motorbike from Poland to Spain or to your next country of residence.

Don’t spend more money on buying another car, save money thanks to our international vehicle transport services from Poland.

International vehicle transport service from Poland to Spain

In addition to providing international vehicle transport services, at Relomar we specialise in international vehicle transport from Europe to Spain.

  • Save money by transporting your vehicle from Poland instead of buying another car in Spain.
  • Don’t waste time with complicated procedures and paperwork to move your vehicle, we take care of all the necessary for the transport of your car or motorbike from Poland: Transport, documentation, registration…
  • Do you want to take your vehicle from Poland to Spain or from Poland to another non-EU country? We have international agents to coordinate the registration and transfer of your vehicle all over the world.

Import vehicles into Spain from Poland

Are you moving to Spain or have you bought a vehicle and want to bring it to Spain? We bring your vehicle, car or motorbyke from Poland to Spain.

  • We take care of transporting your vehicle from Poland to Spain by sea, air or road.
  • We manage the necessary documentation for the import and registration of your vehicle, car or motorbike in Spain.
  • Do you need help with insurance? If required, we can also help you with obtaining insurance for your car in Spain.

Price of vehicle transport from Poland to Spain

The price for importing a vehicle from Poland to Spain starts from 1.040 € and depends on several factors:

  • Type of vehicle. The dimensions, volume and weight of the vehicle, as well as its range, model and make will influence the price.
  • Location of the vehicle: The distance in kilometres between the origin in Poland and the destination in Spain will influence the final price.
  • Mode of transport. Road and sea transport of the vehicle are cheaper than air transport.

Price of vehicle transport from Spain to Poland

Do you want to move your vehicle, car or motorbyke from Spain to Poland? The price for transporting your car or motorbike to Poland starts from 940 €

Vehicle export from Poland

Do you want to relocate your vehicle, car or motorbike from Poland to another country in Europe or outside the European Union? Although Relomar specialises in importing vehicles to Spain, we have a wide network of international agents in all countries of the world.
What does this mean? It means that even if we cannot directly handle the relocation of your vehicle, we will forward your request to professional international vehicle relocation agents who will take care of helping you with the export of your car from Poland to the country of destination.

Vehicle export from Spain to Poland

Remember that if you want to move your vehicle from Spain to Poland, you can request the service with us from 940 €. For the export of vehicles from Spain to another part of the European Union or to another non-EU country, you can also contact us without obligation.

Vehicle transport from Europe to Spain

Are you interested in transporting your vehicle from Europe to Spain? Here is a list of the countries in Europe from which we transport vehicles to Spain:

Registration of vehicles imported from Poland in Spain

After completing the transfer of your vehicle, motorbike or car from Poland to Spain, we will follow a series of steps to proceed with the registration of your vehicle. In this way, you will be able to continue driving your vehicle in Spain easily.

  1. Our engineers verify that the vehicle complies with European regulations and prepare it to pass the ITV (Technical Vehicle Inspection).
  2. Compilement of the necessary documents to issue the Reduced Technical File
  3. Processing of provisional registration plates, known as “green plates
  4. Payment of the Registration Tax
  5. Payment of y the Road Tax
  6. Finally we put the number plates on the vehicle… And that’s it! Your car or vehicle is now registered in Spain.

Documentation for transporting vehicles from Poland to Spain

After checking that the vehicle is homologated or can be homologated in Spain, the next thing to obtain is the documentation that accredits the ownership of the vehicle and allows it to enter from Poland to Spain legally:

  • Invoice of purchase or bill of sale, failing that, declaration of value of the vehicle. This must include the price of the vehicle, the conditions of sale and the characteristics of the car or motorbike.
  • Vehicle documentation or technical data sheet of the vehicle.
  • COC or European homologation password.
  • Certificate of residence issued by the consulate of origin in Europe.
  • Customs clearance authorisation (Relomar will provide you with this document).
  • Valid DNI, NIE or passport of the vehicle owner.

What vehicles can we transport from Poland to Spain?

There are many types of vehicles that can be imported into Spain: Cars, motorcycles, caravans, trailers, trucks …  From luxury cars, classic cars, second-hand or  foreign vehicles … At Relomar we make sure to bring your vehicle to Spain. Some of the vehicles we bring from Poland are:

  • Classic cars, collectible cars or historic cars
  • Second-hand cars.
  • Foreign cars. Vehicles bought abroad, whose model is not available in the country of destination.
  • Luxury cars. High-end vehicles such as sports cars and cars of exclusive design that belong to major brands such as Tesla, Maserati, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mclaren …

Import of luxury cars, classic cars and family vehicles from Poland to Spain

If you have purchased a foreign car, you would be interested in bringing a collection car, you want to keep a classic car when you move to Spain or you have another type of vehicle that requires special treatment during your transport, in Relomar we offer car import service with special needs, included in our international vehicle transport services to Spain.

We import your foreign, classic, family or luxury car, handling it as carefully as possible, always using the appropriate physical means and the relevant retention mechanisms, to ensure the safe shipment of the vehicle.