Tailored Relocation Services in Spain

Our services are designed to help you from before you start moving and during the first months of arrival at the new location, adapting to your needs and making sure that both the employee and his family feel comfortable in their new surroundings.

Since each employee is different, we offer on-demand programs specifically geared to the requirements and needs of each person. We will consult directly with you and your employee to understand well what these needs and concerns of both parties are.

  • Guidance Services before the definitive transfer
  • Familiarization services with the new destination
  • Immigration and International Taxation
  • Search for housing
  • Organization of the move
  • Transportation of pets
  • Search for schools
  • Assistance before returning to your country
  • Etc.

Orientation trip to the new destination

Our orientation program is designed to familiarize employees and their families with their next location before their final arrival. For this, we advise you to make one or several trips prior to the final relocation in preparation for adaptation.

This trip should not be understood as a vacation, but rather as a research effort.

We recommend hiring this service prior to arrival, so that your adaptation process is as fast and efficient as possible.

Settling In

Once the employees are accommodated in their new residence, there is a lot of detail to coordinate so that they are fully established and get them to feel really “at home”.

“Home is where heart is …” is our motto, since we understand that nobody can feel at home until having a series of basic and not-so-basic needs covered. Our Settling-in program focuses on achieving this purpose, providing the opportunity to choose from your new residence to basic day-to-day services such as internet at home, a phone card or children’s school. We will expedite the necessary procedures so that you and your family are installed in the shortest possible time.