Consulting for expatriates

Do you need advice on your international mobility? Receive personalized assistance from experts in relocation and moving to Spain

We offer you our legal services for expatriates: Advice on international mobility, migration to Spain, consultancy for expatriates, support from tax advisors, assistance to foreigners in obtaining and managing visas, permits, etc.

Professional assistance in relocation services

Do you want to know how you can come to live in Spain? We solve all your doubts. We explain you step by step, everything you need to successfully carry out your move to Spain.

  • We answer your questions about immigration
  • We solve your doubts about the city or territory of destination.
  • We guide you in managing your move to Spain

Legal problems to live in Spain? We help you

Our legal advisory services for expatriates are oriented to individuals and foreigners, who want to relocate their residence in Spain. These are the areas in which we offer advice to expatriates:ç

  • Advice prior to relocation to Spain: We explain the regulations and rules in force in Spain regarding expatriation.
  • Legal, economic, tax and labor advice.
  • Documentation and permits: Visa application, passport renewal, NIE processing, legalization, certification of documents, work permits and residence permits.
  • Information on immigration requirements to live in Spain.
  • Processing of certificates: Work life, medical certificates, civil status certificates (divorce, marriage, birth, etc.), certificate of registration as a European Union citizen.
  • Advice on housing and property: Types of contracts, legal assistance, advice on renting or buying and selling, information on taxes, etc.

Easy, fast and inexpensive

Make an appointment now with our international tax advisors and mobility experts. Receive, for a very reduced price, professional and personalized legal advice for your move to Spain and assistance in the main issues of expatriation and international taxation.

What are you worried about in your international relocation? Book an appointment and ask us all your questions! Our experts in relocation and tax advice will solve your doubts during the session.

You can choose between 2 session modalities for your legal advice, to suit your needs in terms of time and money:

Basic Consulting

95 €

Number of sessions: 1 session
Modality: Face-to-face / Online
Duration: 30 minutes

  • Advice for expatriates on the main legal and taxation issues for their relocation.
  • Guidance and recommendations for obtaining documents, certificates, permits and management of procedures to move to Spain.
  • Information about the place of destination.

Advanced Consulting

145 €

Number of sessions: 1 session
Modality: Face-to-face / Online
Duration: 60 minutes

  • Personalized advice for individual expatriates and companies.
  • Study and analysis of the current situation
  • Consulting on 4 different areas to be chosen by the client: Relocation, visas and immigration, international removals and relocations, or tax consulting.
  • Information on documentation and permits required for migration and how to obtain them.
  • Assistance in questions related to the management of the move and orientation in the new destination.
  • Explanation of regulations, immigration requirements and related taxes.