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For more than 30 years we have made the move and transfer of families to Spain, now with Relomar we specialize in this service.

Relomar is a new company created by professionals with experience in the moving and relocation sector.

After more than 30 years dedicated to the world of moving (national and international, both for individuals and companies) Relomar was born from the need to provide a broader service to our customers and agents who for many years have asked us to continue to take charge of your needs with the same care and attention that we treat your personal belongings, your most precious assets.

We are part of

What do we do in Relomar?

We offer personalized and high quality services at a competitive price. Some of our services are:

  • Legal and Immigration
  • Travel and transportation
  • Moving to destination
  • Pets and vehicles transportation
  • Search for housing, school and university
  • Opening bank accounts and supplies
  • Personal and business coaching
  • etc.

However, Relomar is not just a Relocation company. We are aware of how difficult it sometimes is to make the decision; that’s why our services are much more than the traditional Relocation.

How do we do it?

When the expatriate and his family arrive at his new destination, we take care of giving quick and quality coverage to all his needs of Relocation, Immigration, etc. as well as personal needs in order to adapt as soon as possible to the environment. For this, it is necessary to know what each member of the family needs beyond the basic needs of a relocation: cooking or language classes, a fashion and dressmaking workshop or simply a getaway by nature can be of great help for adaptation to the environment and society.

We offer a personalized service focused on the pursuit of your own personal goals. Because a full life should not be linked to the place where you live or to the material goods that you have but to the fulfillment of your life purpose.

Why do we do it?

Thanks to the extensive experience we have behind international relocations, we know how difficult it can be to move to another country. It is not only about the physical change and all the bureaucratic procedures involved, but about what we leave behind: family, friends, culture, traditions, climate … and sometimes even dreams, dreams and life projects.

Our philosophy

Treat others as we would like them to treat us. That is why our methodology is based on listening, understanding, not judging, empathizing and helping.

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