Relocation specialists

For more than 30 years we have made the move and transfer of families to Spain, now with Relomar we specialize in this service.

For more than 30 years we have been helping families, companies and their employees to relocate to Spain. Now, with Relomar, we have specialised in providing our clients with tailor-made relocation services that cover all their mobility needs.

What is Relomar?

Relomar is a new company in Spain created by professionals with experience in the removals and relocation sector.

After more than 30 years dedicated to the removals sector (national and international; both for individuals and companies) Relomar was born out of the need to provide a more comprehensive service to our clients and agents who for many years have asked us to continue to take care of their needs, with the same care and attention with which we treat their personal belongings and their most precious goods.

The relocation process goes beyond the conventional removal. It is not just about moving furniture and belongings, but about moving a whole life and making sure that whoever undertakes the journey, after arriving at their destination, continues to feel at home.

Meet our team

Relomar is made up of a team of specialists in the areas of international mobility, vehicle transport and pet transport. In addition, we work with lawyers and advisors in immigration, legal and international taxation.

We combine a passion for what we do with the determination to overcome any challenge.

Grego Mart铆nez

CEO & International Mobility Expert

Miguel L贸pez

CTO and Marketing Manager

Candela Alarc贸n

Relocation Manager

Michela De Roberto

Relocation Specialist

Guillem Garz贸n

International vehicle transport specialist

Abel Campillos

Content Creator Specialist

Angelo Brustol贸n

Vehicle Operation Specialist

What do we do at Relomar?

At Relomar we help expatriates, companies and individuals to make their mobility a success. Whether they need to relocate themselves, prepare the mobility of their employees or company, or bring their pets and vehicles to a new designated location. We work to successfully complete your relocation process, accompanying you before, during and after your arrival.

We offer tailor-made relocation services in Spain according to our clients’ mobility needs, guaranteeing quality in everything we do and at a competitive price. Some of our services are:

  • Consultancy, Management and Support in Tax and Immigration procedures.
  • Travel and transport
  • Moving to destination
  • Transport of pets and vehicles
  • Housing, school and university search
  • Opening bank accounts and supplies
  • Personal and business coaching
  • etc.

How do we do it?

When the expatriate and their family arrive at their new destination, we take care of all their relocation and immigration needs, as well as their personal needs, so that they can adapt to their new environment as quickly as possible.

To do this, it is necessary to know what each member of the family needs beyond the basic needs of a relocation: cooking or language classes, fashion and dressmaking workshops or simply a getaway in the countryside can be of great help in adapting to the environment and society.

We offer a personalised service focused on the pursuit of your own personal goals. Because a fulfilled life should not be linked to the place where you live or the material goods you have, but to the realisation of your life purpose.

Why do we do it?

Thanks to our extensive experience in international removals, we know how difficult it can be to move to another country. It is not only about the physical move and all the bureaucratic procedures involved, but also about what we leave behind: family, friends, culture, traditions, climate… and sometimes even illusions, dreams and life projects.

Relomar is not just a Relocation company. We are aware of how difficult it is sometimes to make the decision; that is why our services are much more than the traditional Relocation.

Our vision

To treat others as we would want to be treated ourselves. That is why our methodology is based on listening, understanding, not judging, empathising and helping.

They trust us



Relomar is part of the young business community of reference in Valencia. AJEV is the Valencian section of AJE, the ‘Association of Young Entrepreneurs’. This association brings together and supports the activities of companies, freelancers and entrepreneurs in Valencia.



The European Relocation Association promotes relocation and mobility services professionally managed by companies in the sector. That is why Relomar, as a professional relocation service provider, is a member of EuRA.