Pets & Car Relocation to Spain

Do you want to take your dog, cat or car to Spain but don’t know how to do it?

Receive advice for the international transport of your pets and vehicle from experts in the sector.

Pets Relocation

Are you moving to Spain and want to bring your pet? In Relomar we deal with the transfer of animals and pets to Spain, so you can continue enjoying the company of your pet wherever you are.

We handle the transfer of your pets to Spain: Administrative procedures, fees, advice, issuance of certificates, medical-veterinary reviews …

Car Transport & Registration

In Relomar, we transport your vehicle to your new country of residence so you can continue driving without having to buy a new one. We handle the transfer, import or export of your vehicle, car or motorcycle in Europe, South America, Africa, USA and Asia.

We transport vehicles from Spain to any country (export), from any country to Spain (import), and also transport throughout the world from any country to everywhere.

International Pets Transport

International vehicle transport