Relomar at IPATACon 2023: Connecting with the International Pet Transport Community

Recently, Candela Alarcón, Relomar’s General Manager, and Miguel López, CTO & Marketing Manager, had the pleasure of representing Relomar at the annual convention of the International Pet and Animal Transport Association (IPATA), the IPATACon 2023. The event took place in glamorous Dubai, from 29th September to 2nd October. But what is IPATA?

What is IPATA?

The International Pet and Animal Transport Association, known as IPATA, is an association that was created under the mission to provide professional, competent and caring pet relocation and transport services worldwide. Today IPATA brings together more than 485 members in over 90 countries, all of whom are experts in the transport and care of animals.

IPATA members are recognised in their respective countries and adhere to the rules and regulations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Live Animals Regulations. IPATA members offer services that address all your needs, even those you may not have known you had. These pet relocation specialists and suppliers of goods and services work together to offer a range of professional pet transportation products and services worldwide.

What is the IPATACon?

IPATACon is an internationally renowned event that brings together pet transport experts from around the world. This conference is held annually and represents a crucial milestone in the calendar of the global pet transport community.

Exclusive and highly specialised, IPATACon is a space for the exchange of knowledge and experience between professionals committed to excellence in animal transport. Each year, this conference attracts industry leaders, providing a unique platform for collaboration, learning and networking.

Adventure in Dubai! This is how we lived in Relomar the IPATACon2023

During IPATACon 2023, Candela Alarcón and Miguel López, representing Relomar, met with other members of the global pet transportation community to exchange knowledge, collaborate on best practices and strengthen our service network. Their participation in this event demonstrates our continued commitment to excellence in pet relocation and transport, as well as to the satisfaction of our clients around the world.

IPATACon2023 at the Splendour of Dubai

IPATACon 2023 took place from 29 September to 2 October, in the dazzling setting of Dubai. The Emirate of Dubai, one of the seven emirates that make up the UAE, is the most populous emirate and a glittering jewel in the crown of the Middle East.

The choice of Dubai as the venue for IPATACon 2023 not only provided a spectacular setting for attendees, but also symbolised the vision of the pet transport community: to transcend borders and cultures, bringing together people from around the world in the pursuit of higher standards and safe, humane pet transport.

IPATACon 2023 Agenda: A Learning and Connecting Experience

IPATACon 2023 in Dubai not only provided an impressive backdrop, but also offered a rich and varied agenda that kept us attendees engaged, inspired and connected throughout the conference. From welcoming new attendees to the exciting gala evening, this year’s IPATACon provided an exciting space to exchange knowledge and experiences.

At Relomar, we were delighted to be part of this unique experience. We actively participated in the keynote sessions and discussions on creating exceptional experiences for our clients. In addition, we learned about empowering pet rehoming companies through social media, a valuable tool for communicating with our client families around the world.

IPATACon also provided us with the opportunity to address critical issues such as managing pet stress during air travel and updates on rules and regulations affecting the industry. As a company committed to the welfare and safety of pets, these discussions were instrumental in further strengthening our services.

In addition to participating in the educational sessions, we also took the opportunity to build strong business relationships at the supplier meetings and CRM roundtables. We met colleagues from all over the world and shared our experiences and best practices in the field of pet transport.

IPATACon2023 culminated in an exciting gala evening, where we had the opportunity to connect with colleagues in a relaxed and festive atmosphere.

A night-time adventure in the Dubai desert…

Beyond the educational sessions and discussions on pet transportation, our Relomar representatives had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a unique experience at IPATACon 2023. As part of the agenda of activities, they participated in an exciting Dune Bashing session in the majestic Dubai desert.

This event, organised by IPATA, took attendees on an evening safari through the Dubai desert, just as the heat of the day gives way to the cool desert breeze in the evening. IPATACon attendees who joined this activity enjoyed an evening safari that offered a taste of traditional Dubai in a magical setting under the starry skies of Dubai’s luxurious desert.

The adventure started with a thrilling 4×4 vehicle ride that took us through the breathtaking desert dunes on a tour. After the exciting Dune Bashing session, the next stop was the private desert camp, where a traditional Bedouin experience awaited us. The camp offered a dinner that included vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, a three-course buffet and a variety of drinks to enjoy. The dinner was enlivened by fire shows, Tanoura dances, henna painting, belly dancing, and much more!

The desert camp also featured attractions such as fire dancing, sheesha, sandboarding and a variety of activities perfectly orchestrated to create a memorable evening in the Dubai desert. This experience not only offered thrills and fun, but also allowed our representatives to appreciate the rich culture and hospitality of Dubai.

A very successful 45th IPATACon!

This 45th edition of IPATACon in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), marked a milestone in the history of its conventions, with an impressive 306 delegates representing 177 different companies or organisations from 46 countries around the world, IPATACon 2023 in Dubai was a clear example of the global commitment to the safe and humane transport of companion animals.

More than a convention, IPATACon 2023 was a celebration of a passion for pet welfare and a shared commitment to excellence in pet travel around the world. At Relomar, we are proud to be part of IPATA and to have attended IPATACon 2023. We are proud to contribute to this global community of professionals passionate about making your pet’s journey as safe and comfortable as possible.