Relomar at the Worldwide ERC Global Workforce Symposium 2023

At Relomar, we always strive to be at the forefront of the relocation industry. This month, two of our outstanding team members, Candela Alarcón, Managing Director & Relocation Manager, and Michaela De Roberto, Relocation & Immigration Specialist, had the privilege of representing us at “Global Workforce Symposium”, which was held in the vibrant city of Boston from 17 to 20 October, at the Hynes Convention Center, as the venue for this premier event, which brought together the leaders and visionaries of the relocation industry.

What is the Worldwide ERC?

Worldwide ERC is the leading trade organisation for the mobility industry. It focuses on connecting and empowering talent management and expatriate relocation professionals and professionals around the world. The organisation is dedicated to providing resources, education, research and networking opportunities for those working in global mobility management, employee relocation and all aspects of workforce mobility.

Among its activities, Worldwide ERC is dedicated to promoting best practices in the relocation industry and helping its members stay up-to-date on trends, regulations and challenges affecting employee mobility in an increasingly globalised world. The Worldwide ERC organises annual events, such as the Global Workforce Symposium, where industry professionals and experts come together to share knowledge and experience, helping to drive excellence in labour mobility and relocation management.

This was the 2023 edition of the Global Workforce Symposium held by Worldwide ERC

This annual convention, which brings together relocation professionals and companies from around the world, showcases the latest trends, practices and opportunities in the relocation and global mobility industry worldwide.

During the four-day event, keynotes and panel discussions covered a wide range of topics relevant to our industry. Candela and Michaela attended these informative sessions on immigration, technology, talent management and human factors, expatriate services, real estate, programmes and policies, environmental sustainability, telecommuting, and the new applications of artificial intelligence and data automation to the relocation industry.

Our representatives took this opportunity to learn more about the latest trends and practices in the relocation industry, which will enable us to continue to provide our clients with the highest level of service and knowledge in the field of global mobility and international relocation.

Finally, the event closed on the last day with a charity event, with the proceeds of the event going to charities and children in need at risk of social exclusion.

How does artificial intelligence improve the relocation industry?

During the Global Workforce Symposium, our representatives had the opportunity to learn more about the application of artificial intelligence to improve the experience of companies and individuals in an international relocation process.

Artificial intelligence and data automation enable more efficient and accurate management of relocation or international relocation processes for companies, individuals or expatriate workers. Artificial intelligence speeds up the identification of the specific needs of each expatriate, facilitating the personalisation of services. In addition, data automation simplifies the collection, analysis and presentation of crucial information, resulting in more informed decision-making and greater operational efficiency. Artificial intelligence not only reduces costs and processing times, but also improves the expatriate experience by providing faster and more effective solutions. Our representatives took notes on ways in which they could apply new technologies to international relocation processes.

Connecting with passionate global mobility professionals at the Global Workforce Symposium 2023

The participation of our representatives, Candela Alarcón and Michaela, in the Worldwide ERC’s Global Workforce Symposium was not only an invaluable opportunity to learn and discover new perspectives at the forefront of the relocation industry, but also proved to be an enriching experience, not least thanks to the networking opportunities with our industry peers. During this year’s Worldwide ERC event, our colleagues and representatives spoke with industry colleagues and made new connections with relocation industry peers. During the four days of the conference, our representatives were able to chat with familiar colleagues, meet new colleagues, exchange ideas and above all, share tips on how to improve the practices and processes involved in relocation and immigration services.

Connecting with our industry peers helps us stay at the forefront of the industry and provide exceptional quality of service to our customers every day. Ultimately, Candela and Michaela are excited to apply what they have learned and continue to refine the relocation solutions that Relomar continues to offer.

We are proud that Candela and Michaela represented Relomar at this year’s Worldwide ERC Global Workforce Symposium and we are delighted to have been able to attend, to keep abreast of the latest trends and developments in the relocation industry.