Relomar attends FEM Global Mobility Conference Amsterdam 2024

In this post, we want to share a moment that highlights the commitment and excellence of our team. We refer to the participation of our colleagues Michela De Roberto, our relocation expert, and Candela Alarcón, Director of Relomar, at the prestigious FEM Amsterdam 2024 Global Mobility Conference.

What is the FEM?

The Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM) is an organisation dedicated to ensuring best practice in global mobility management. Through a multi-platform of content and events, the EMF facilitates dialogue between global mobility professionals, allowing them to come together, learn and grow together.

This was the FEM Global Mobility Conference Amsterdam 2024

The FEM Global Mobility Conference in Amsterdam is an annual spring event that has established its reputation as an indispensable meeting place for global mobility and HR professionals in Europe and beyond. With a character all of its own, this conference has become a must-attend event in the calendar for relocation professionals looking to keep up to date with the latest trends, best practices and developments in global mobility management.

The importance of the FEM Conference lies in its ability to bring together leaders in the relocation industry from across Europe and Scandinavia. This event provides a space to share ideas, meet new partners from around the world and connect with professionals dedicated to global mobility management.

The FEM Amsterdam 2024 Conference took place on 1 March 2024, at the prestigious Anantara Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, located in the heart of Amsterdam. This iconic location provided an inspiring environment for interaction among attendees, leading to an enriching experience for all.

Michela and Candela’s participation in the WEF conference

The participation of Michela De Roberto, our relocation expert, and Candela Alarcón, Managing Director of Relomar, at the FEM Amsterdam 2024 Global Mobility Conference was an honour for them and for our company. Representing Relomar at this event demonstrated our company’s commitment to innovation and quality in global mobility management.

During the conference, Michela and Candela shared their experiences in the field of relocation in Spain and exchanged global mobility practices with their industry colleagues. In addition, they participated in a variety of activities, including interactive workshops, panel discussions and roundtables, where they were able to express their ideas and perspectives on various topics related to employee relocation.

Over the course of the conference, Michela and Candela exchanged valuable information on the challenges and opportunities in global mobility management, providing attendees with a unique insight into best practices and effective strategies within the relocation industry in Spain. In addition, they participated in panel discussions, where emerging trends in the field were debated. Michela and Candela also participated in the round table discussions and had the opportunity to speak directly with other professionals in the sector.

Strengthening our commitment to the relocation industry

At Relomar, our commitment to innovation and excellence is fundamental to everything we do. Our participation in events such as the FEM Global Mobility Conference held in Amsterdam last March is a clear indication of this commitment.

The participation of Michela De Roberto and Candela Alarcón in this event reinforced Relomar’s commitment to quality in the global mobility industry. By representing Relomar on an international stage, Michela and Candela highlighted the quality standards and professionalism that characterise our team.

As relocation professionals in Spain, we remain passionate about continuing to raise the standard of excellence in the relocation services we provide to families, employees and companies. We look forward to continuing to attend events like this that make us better professionals and connect us with relocation experts from around the world.

Looking to the future of global mobility

Our participation through our representatives at the FEM Amsterdam 2024 Global Mobility Conference has not only been an opportunity to learn and grow, but also to consolidate the brand on an international scale.

Looking ahead, we have high expectations for Relomar. We will continue to move forward by embracing the values of FEM, such as innovation, quality and customer satisfaction, and we will strive to continue to provide world-class relocation solutions.