Advice for expats living in Valencia during Fallas

As a newly settled expat in Valencia, Las Fallas is a unique festival that you can’t miss while living in or around the city. To make the most of the Fallas, as local relocation agents in Valencia, we provide you with some useful tips that will speed up your adaptation to the city and allow you to enjoy these festivities to the fullest.

A cultural introduction to the Fallas for newcomers to Valencia

Las Fallas is much more than just fireworks and impressive monuments. It is a celebration rooted in Valencian culture, full of traditions and deep meanings. Take this opportunity to learn about the history behind Las Fallas, its iconic characters such as the Fallera Mayor and the Ninot, and the customs surrounding this festivity. By understanding the history and cultural significance of Fallas, expats can feel more connected to the local community and make the most of their Fallas experience.

The Fallas of Valencia stand out as one of the most colourful, bustling and emblematic festivities in Spain. These festivities take place every year in the city of Valencia and other cities in the province of Valencia during the month of March. The Fallas of Valencia have their roots in ancient pagan traditions that celebrated the arrival of spring and the change of season. Over time, this festival has become a unique cultural event that combines religious, historical and social elements. The main attraction of the Fallas are the Fallas monuments, gigantic artistic structures made of cardboard, wood and other materials, which represent historical, political or everyday characters.

However, the Fallas go beyond their monuments. They are an expression of identity and community for Valencians, who work throughout the year to create and display their fallas in the streets of Valencian cities. In addition to the monuments, the Fallas include a wide range of events and activities, such as parades, concerts, mascletàs (daytime fireworks displays), floral offerings to the Virgen de los Desamparados and the emblematic “Cremà”, where the fallas are burnt in a spectacular farewell.

Ask a local guide or relocation agent in Valencia for help

For expats new to Spain, immersing themselves in local festivities such as Fallas can be an enriching but also challenging experience. This is where relocation services come in, offering comprehensive support to help expats adapt to their new environment.

Relocation services provide personalised guidance and advice on how to participate in the festivities, as well as practical information on transport, accommodation and safety during this festive period. Here are some basic relocation tips to help you prepare for the Fallas in Valencia:

Transport in Valencia during the Fallas

Plan your journeys in advance during the Fallas, as public transport may be busier. Check bus and metro timetables and routes to avoid unnecessary waiting. Use public transport, especially as many streets will be closed to traffic and parking may be difficult to find. Consider renting bicycles as a convenient option to avoid traffic and get to different events and monuments quickly.

Accommodation in Valencia during the Fallas

If you live in Spain but are not based in Valencia and would like to visit the city during Fallas, book your accommodation in advance, as Fallas is a very busy time in Valencia. Opt to stay in a central location to be close to the main Fallas attractions and events. If hotels are out of your budget or fully booked, consider alternative accommodation options such as tourist flats or guesthouses.

Security in Valencia during the Fallas

Keep your belongings under surveillance at all times during the Fallas, as the city will be crowded. Respect safety regulations at events and fireworks displays, and follow the instructions of local authorities to ensure a safe experience. Avoid problematic or poorly lit areas at night, especially if you are alone.

How relocation services help expats in Spain to experience the Fallas in Valencia like a local

Relocation services are designed to make the experience of moving to Spain as smooth and satisfactory as possible, especially during cultural events such as the Fallas in Valencia. At Relomar, we have designed specific services to facilitate the integration of an expatriate during this festivity:

  • Detailed information about the Fallas: We provide detailed information about the acts and events that take place during the Fallas in Valencia. This includes schedules of mascletàs, parades, flower offerings and other Fallas-related activities. By being well informed about what is happening, expats can plan and participate in the festivities with confidence.
  • Personalised cultural orientation: We offer personalised cultural orientation on the Fallas festival, including its history, cultural significance and associated traditions. This helps expatriates to better understand the context of the celebrations and to integrate more easily into the local community during this festive period.
  • Connections with local Fallas groups: We facilitate connections with local Fallas groups so that expats can participate in Fallas-related events and activities. This gives them the opportunity to meet local people, make friends and experience the festivities from an authentic and participatory perspective.
  • Recommendations of places to visit: We recommend places to visit during Fallas, including the main monumental fallas, firework displays, parades, and cultural events. This helps expats new to Spain to plan their agenda and make the most of their experience in Valencia during this festivity.
  • Other tips for enjoying the Fallas: We provide practical advice on how to make the most of the Fallas, such as safety tips, suggestions for avoiding crowds, and recommendations on where to find the best local gastronomy. This ensures that newcomers can enjoy the Fallas in a safe and pleasant way.

Nuestros servicios de relocation están diseñados para facilitar el acceso y disfrute de los expatriados recién llegados a la cultura valenciana durante las Fallas. Desde proporcionar información detallada y recomendaciones hasta ofrecer asistencia para la participación en eventos específicos, estamos comprometidos a hacer que la experiencia de nuestros clientes sea lo más enriquecedora y gratificante posible.

Other useful tips for expats who want to enjoy the Fallas in Valencia

Las Fallas is a unique experience that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in Valencian culture and quickly adapt to the local traditions. Other useful tips to make the most of this festival and enjoy all that Valencia has to offer during this period of the year are:

  • Explore the different neighbourhoods of the city of Valencia in Fallas: Fallas are celebrated in every corner of the city, and each neighbourhood has its own unique charm and style. Take time to explore the different neighbourhoods and discover their Fallas monuments, events and special activities. From the hustle and bustle of the Plaza del Ayuntamiento to the beauty of the Turia gardens, Valencia offers a wide variety of experiences during Fallas.
  • Taste the local gastronomy: During Fallas, the streets of Valencia are filled with food stalls where you can sample a wide variety of typical dishes and local delicacies. Don’t miss the opportunity to try Valencian paella, bunyols (fritters) and horchata with fartons.
  • Be part of the fun! Las Fallas is a participatory celebration, so don’t be afraid to join in the fun! Take part in the mascletà, a daily fireworks display that takes place in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, or dance to the rhythm of the charangas that line the streets. And, of course, don’t miss the emblematic Cremà, where the Fallas monuments are burnt in a spectacular farewell.