Useful tips for your relocation

You have finally decided, you have hired your relocation service and the moving process is about to begin. Whether for personal, work or other reasons, you will change your address shortly and there are many questions you ask yourself, especially regarding paperwork and paperwork. Fortunately, with good planning you can avoid stress during the move.

What to do first?

Making a move is not just a matter of deciding which items you are going to take and which ones you will leave behind, a move involves a series of procedures with which you will surely need help. In order not to disperse your energies, we recommend you to hire the services of a moving company so that they can handle the transfer: Collection of documents, customs procedures, transport of goods, request for special permits, transfer and assembly of furniture in the new address … In this way, you can free yourself from much of the weight of the move.

Check the status of supplies in your new home

Light, gas and water are three of the essential supplies you will want to have in your new home. For that reason, during the relocation process and prior to your transfer to your home, it is advisable to contact the previous owner to indicate the current status of supplies in the home. There are two options: If the house does not have supplies, you will have to organize the transfer of energy contracts between the houses; on the contrary, if the house already has water, electricity and gas, it will be enough to change the ownership.

How to carry out the transfer of your energy contracts?

Contact the marketing companies to specify the date of transfer of supplies to the new destination. This procedure can take between 3 and 5 days, so it is important that you take it into account before leaving home. In addition to requesting the transfer, you will have to request the registration of the supplies at the new address.

Change ownership of supplies

If the destination home already has electricity, gas and water, you will not have to process a new electricity bill, it will be enough to request a change of ownership. During this process, you will be asked to read the meter in order to issue a closing invoice with the expense that has been made to date

If, on the other hand, the house where you are going to move already has electricity, gas, water … you will not have to process a new electricity discharge, but it would be enough to request a change of ownership. For this, from the company they will ask you to read the meter in order to make a closing invoice with the expense that has been made to date to the previous tenant or owner. In this way, upon entering your home you will start with zero expense.

Other steps during relocation

In addition to managing the transfer of service contracts to ensure that your new home is habitable during the relocation period, you will have to pay attention to other aspects related to moving and moving:

Change the postal mail

Notify of the transfer in your company so that they can modify the address in your contract

Inform your bank of the address change so they can send you the relevant notifications to your new address

Notify the Treasury about your address so that this change is stated in the income statement

In case of having children, contact the secretary of the school, institute or any educational institution to which they are attached

Go to your health center or the Social Security offices, to consult all those questions regarding your health card, change of doctor and transfer to another health institution.

Take out home insurance to insure your belongings in case of theft, accident, fire or any other possible event.

You can get help, information and support to perform this type of management of a relocation agent. Thanks to the installation programs that you can hire and include relocation services, your agent will offer you support with the essential procedures (school search for your children, bank paperwork management, request for personal documents, insurance and supplies contracting, transfer of pets …) so you can adapt immediately to your new environment.

And now … enjoy!

After carrying out all the procedures related to moving and moving, it is time to relax and turn your house into a home. If the moving process continues in development, keep in touch with your moving company to know the date on which the delivery of your furniture and equipment will take place. Until the day comes, you can familiarize yourself with the spaces of your new home and plan how you want to furnish and decorate your home. Strolling through the new neighborhood and visiting the premises, venues and nearby establishments, will also help you install more easily. If you do not know where to start, again, you can let yourself be accompanied by the relocation agent with whom you have hired the service to guide you during the transfer.

Once the moving period comes to an end, celebrate it! Furnish the house to your liking and arrange your objects, belongings and belongings so that you feel comfortable and gradually achieve that space until then, maybe, unknown in your new and cozy home.