Held in Istanbul: Lucy’s Adventure

The beginning of the adventure

After a lifetime of hard work, Wendy and her husband, an elderly couple who until then lived in Johannesburg (South Africa), decided to move to Spain to spend their retirement years, enjoying the pleasant climate, the warm and cheerful character of its people, and the diverse and rich gastronomy of the Spanish territory. Although the moving destination was clear and the preparations had already been arranged, there was still an unsolved detail …
How would they take Lucy, her sweet and affectionate dog, from South Africa to Spain?

International pet transport, the pioneering relocation service

If traveling, sometimes, can be complicated for a person (passport management, flight search and accommodation …), the difficulty of this process can triple for our pets, who has not wanted to travel with your pet or include it in your vacation ever but have you been forced to leave it behind because of the circumstances? In Relomar, we are aware of this problem, so we offer alternatives and solutions to take your pet to your next destination.

Wendy and her husband were clear, they refused to leave Lucy in South Africa. For this elderly couple, Lucy is another member of the family, a small, hairy and special member who filled her days with happiness. For that reason, they contacted us, hoping we could help them with our international pet transportation services to bring Lucy to Spain. This is how Lucy undertook her trip to Spain and this decision was the beginning of her adventure.

Held in Istanbul

After hiring the international pet transport service by its owners, Lucy said goodbye to her family to embark, accompanied by our relocation agents, on the flight that would mark the beginning of her adventure. During the trip, Lucy traveled comfortably in the hold of the plane, with the optimal conditions of temperature, light, and the necessary transport and safety measures, which allowed the trip to take place smoothly and she traveled safely and quietly.

However, on the first flight scale things began to twist … Upon arrival in Istanbul, due to a problem of organization by the airlines, Lucy was held in the boarding area. In the absence of an area enabled at the destination airport to pick up Lucy, the airline refused to continue with Lucy’s transfer and forced her to keep held in Istanbul.

Hours passed and Lucy was still held in Istanbul. Meanwhile, our relocation agents in Spain began to worry about the lack of response from the airline, since during an international pet transport service, it is common to carry out a follow-up for hours in which it is known at all times Your state and location. It was then that, after having tried to contact the airline numerous times and not get an answer, Lorena Pau, CEO of Relomar, took charge of the situation and contacted our relocation agents in Turkey so that Lucy could continue her trip until Spain. Relocation agents were not made to beg and launching all the necessary protocols and mechanisms of action, they managed to get Lucy out of Istanbul and resume her trip to Spain.

The happy ending of Lucy and her family

Thanks to the rapid performance of our relocation agents, we managed to reunite Lucy with her family again. Upon arrival in Spain, Lucy was transferred by our relocation agents to a pet hotel, a service that we make available free of charge to those who hire our international pet transport services.

After a brief stay at the pet hotel, Lucy was picked up by her owners and is now happy playing in the backyard of her new home in Spain. This is what Wendy, the owner of Lucy, lets us know, who sent us these images of Lucy with her kind words of thanks:

Thank you for all your time and hard work for Lucy. It really is very much appreciated
My clean and happy dog!

Cases like Lucy’s, make us discover and learn to value the importance of relocation companies in our society. Companies and agents, work tirelessly to ensure that we can be with our loved ones and pets (despite possible adversities) wherever we go. From Relomar, we can only wish Wendy and her husband, a prosperous, long and happy retirement in Spain with their beloved dog and essential part of the family, Lucy.