International vehicle transport

Are you moving and want to take your car, motorcycle or vehicle with you?

In Relomar, we transport your vehicle to your new country of residence so you can continue driving without having to buy a new one.

Among our relocation services, we include the international vehicle transport service. We move cars and motorcycles anywhere in the world. We import vehicles to Spain and its main destinations: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville, Malaga, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands …

We handle the transfer, import or export of your vehicle, car or motorcycle in Europe, South America, Africa, USA and Asia.

International vehicle transport

There are many reasons why we may need to order an international vehicle transport service: A move to another country, a change of temporary residence, a vacation abroad …

Whatever the circumstances, the fact is that we need to take a vehicle to another country and we need someone to take care of the transport of our vehicle from our place of residence to the country of destination.

For this reason, in Relomar we offer a specialized international vehicle transport service, to ensure that you can continue driving your vehicle wherever you go. Our agents specialized in vehicle transport and international vehicle transport, are in charge of all the necessary procedures to carry out the transport of the vehicle.

From providing information to the client about the documents he needs to transport his car or vehicle, to accompanying him in the procedures related to the transfer of his vehicle and in all the steps during the registration and registration of the vehicle in the country of destination.

Vehicle transport prices

Frequently, when we need to move our car to another country some of the questions we ask ourselves are: “What is the price of transporting vehicles to another country?” “How much does shipping a car cost?” “What about a motorcycle?”

The prices of an international vehicle transport service depend on many factors, part of them such as transport costs, are variable and may change depending on the time at which we request the budget. Other costs that will be added to the final price will depend on the social situation and economic context of the countries between which the transport is being carried out. The factor that will most influence the price will be the pick-up and delivery addresses of the vehicle.

If you have doubts about the price of your car, motorcycle or vehicle transportation, you can complete our form to receive a free quote for the amount of the international vehicle transportation service you need. After completing the form, our commercial agents will send you a free estimate with all the information of the transfer.

In Relomar we make sure to offer each customer a personalized service and to take into account their circumstances and those of their vehicle, in order to be able to offer the price that best suits their needs.

Documents for vehicle transport

In order to carry out the international vehicle transport service, our agents will assist you in the collection of a series of necessary documents related to the vehicle (car or motorcycle) without which all the pertinent procedures for the realization of the transport. Some of these documents are:

  • Residence Certificate issued by the corresponding consulate in origin (for returning Spaniards, Consular Leave is required). You must prove your residence at source for at least the last 12 months prior to importation and must be sealed by the consulate itself.
  • Certificate of residence in the country of destination
  • Customs Clearance Authorization (Relomar will provide this document)
  • Purchase or purchase-sale invoice. Failing that, value declaration.
  • Valid ID or NIE of the importer (must be the owner of the car itself)
  • Valid passport of the importer (must be the car owner)
  • Technical documents of the vehicle (technical sheet or similar).
  • Title of Property in the name of the importer where a date of purchase or seniority of its ownership is indicated greater than 6 months.
  • Export Certificate (SAD export)
  • Affidavit of no intention to sell the car or use it for a lucrative purpose during the next 12 months after importation.

Vehicle transport to Europe

If you live in a country in Europe or reside in a country in Latin America, North America, Oceania, Asia, Africa … and you want to move your vehicle, car or motorcycle to a country in the European Union, in Relomar we can help you with our services of international vehicle transport.

  • We handle the transport of vehicles in Europe, between European countries.
  • We import vehicles to Europe from other countries.
  • We export vehicles from Europe to destinations outside the Union.
  • We offer information on procedures to transport your vehicle to Europe or from Europe: Registration, customs procedures, required documents …

Import of vehicles to Spain

We handle the transport of your vehicle to Spain from anywhere in the world. Our headquarters and our warehouses are located in Spain, for that same reason we guarantee the quality of vehicle transport services to Spain. Our vehicle import service to Spain stands out among our international vehicle transport services due to the speed of delivery and the guarantee of optimal transport conditions, which will ensure that you continue enjoying your vehicle after arriving in Spain.

We import vehicles to Spain from any country in Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Holland, United Kingdom …). We also cover our international vehicle transport services for the importation of cars and motorcycles to Spain from Latin American countries (Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Panama …), North America, Asia, Oceania and Africa

Registration of a vehicle imported to Spain

We help you in the collection of documents and in the advice on the necessary procedures to register your foreign import car to Spain. Below, we list the necessary steps for the registration and registration of your car, motorcycle or vehicle, and we indicate the main cities where we carry out international vehicle transport services in Spain:

1st Review of the vehicle by our staff and collecting the necessary documentation to issue a Reduced Technical Data Sheet.

2nd Process temporary plates or green plates, valid up to 60 days.

3rd Transport of the car to the workshop and make the necessary modifications to adapt it to European regulations.

4th Transport of the car to the ITV (Technical Inspection of the vehicle) and carry out the inspection.

5th Payment of the Registration Tax.

6th Payment of the Circulation Tax.

7th Vehicle registration.

8th Placing White Plates.

9th Recruitment of definitive insurance.

Vehicle transport to the main cities of Spain

In Relomar, we import foreign vehicles from any country in the world to the destination that you choose in Spain, either inside the peninsula or in the Canary and Balearic Islands. We cover the importation of vehicles to any part of Spain and carry out international transport of vehicles in the main Spanish cities:

  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Valencia
  • Seville
  • Malaga

Import of luxury cars, classic cars and family vehicles to Spain

If you have purchased a foreign car, you would be interested in bringing a collection car, you want to keep a classic car when you move to Spain or you have another type of vehicle that requires special treatment during your transport, in Relomar we offer car import service with special needs, included in our international vehicle transport services to Spain.

We import your foreign, classic, family or luxury car, handling it as carefully as possible, always using the appropriate physical means and the relevant retention mechanisms, to ensure the safe shipment of the vehicle.

Transfer routes for international transport

For the realization of an international vehicle transport service, factors such as the distance between countries must be taken into account to select the most convenient route for the transfer.

In Relomar we work with transportation by land and sea mainly, but we do not rule out the use of airway for the transport of cars and motorcycles in cases that require it, to successfully carry out the international transport service of a vehicle.

If the countries of origin and destination of the vehicle to be transported do not have a separation by sea, we will use land transport routes for transport. In Relomar we have a fleet of vehicles equipped for the transport of cars and motorcycles. We have cranes, walkways and restraint mechanisms to ensure the safe shipment of vehicles to any part of the world. In circumstances that require the transport of very large vehicles or short journeys – even at the request of the customers themselves – we could request the transport of cars and other vehicles by train.

On the other hand, if the separation between countries is characterized by the presence of the sea, we will resort to international vehicle transport by sea. In this case, the vehicles will be transported in sea containers and ships. Upon arrival on land, transport will continue by land, having the means mentioned above.

Vehicles we transport

We handle the international transport of vehicles of all kinds, from cars and motorcycles, to caravans, trailers and trucks. Frequently, our customers ask what kind of cars we can transport:

  • Classic cars: Classic cars by their manufacture and design allude to another era. They can be collectible cars. Some are considered historic cars but not all classic cars are historic cars. They should not be confused with old cars or old cars.
  • Second-hand cars: They are cars of individuals and dealers. They have occasion prices and purchase and sale transactions are made with them.
  • Foreign cars: These are new vehicles bought abroad, whose model is not available in the country of residence. They can be imported to Spain: German cars, American cars, Swiss cars, French cars, Japanese cars …
  • Luxury cars: High-end vehicles such as sports cars and cars of exclusive design that belong to major brands such as Tesla, Maserati, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mclaren …