Relomar attends EuRA2023 conference

At Relomar we are excited to be attending this year’s EuRA, ‘European Relocation Association’ conference, which will take place from the 25th to the 28th of April in Dublin.

Our representatives, Candela Alarcón, our relocation manager, and Grego Martínez, our CEO, will be present at this unmissable event for the relocation industry.

Discover EuRA’s agenda for 2023

This year’s EuRA conference will take place in Dublin at the prestigious Radisson Hotel.

According to information taken directly from the EuRA website, the agenda for the event includes a special Gala Dinner to celebrate EuRA’s 25th anniversary. The dress code for this occasion is “Formal with a touch of silver”, which means that men can wear a suit or dinner jacket, and women can wear something smart – but don’t worry, there is no obligation to wear a uniform, you can be creative with your attire!

In addition to the Gala Dinner, there will be other social events, such as the “Dazzling Dublin” Dinner and Disco in The Round Rooms at The Mansion House, which promises to be a fun-filled evening of entertainment and music. There will also be a silent charity auction to raise funds for local charity, The Alice Leahy Trust, which supports homeless people in Dublin.

Get to know EuRA and its annual conferences

If you are not already familiar with EuRA, it is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting and improving relocation services in Europe and around the world. EuRA’s annual conference is a major event in the relocation industry, bringing together relocation professionals and experts from different countries to share knowledge, experiences and best practices in the field of global mobility.

The conference includes keynotes, panel discussions, workshops and networking opportunities for participants, which may include relocation service providers, moving companies, HR companies and other professionals involved in global mobility.

Topics discussed at the EuRA conference can cover a wide range of relocation-related topics, such as trends and challenges in the global mobility industry, best practices in managing relocation programmes, immigration services, labour mobility policies, relocation counselling, visa and work permit services, welfare and cultural adaptation services, and much more.

Why attend the EuRA 2023 conference?

The EuRA conference will not only be an opportunity to socialise and enjoy special events, but also to learn from industry peers and share knowledge about the exciting world of relocation. We look forward to chatting with other industry professionals, exchanging ideas and experiences, and continuing to build together the path that enables the international mobility of employees, families and expatriates around the world.

See you in Dublin at this year’s EuRA conference – it’s going to be an unforgettable event!

Contact Relomar representatives

If you need to get in touch with our representatives during this year’s EuRA conference, you can do so through the following contact numbers:

Also, if you have not yet booked your meeting with us, you can easily do it through the Calendly application, using the following links for each of our representatives:

See you in Dublin at this year’s EuRA conference, it will be an unforgettable event!